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dr_All COM3 - for improving the litter texture fix even more, fixing the incorrect alpha on 2 textures (neoclassicalmaintile03and neodarkmaintile03.dds) and also improving the road chunk texture (roadwasteland01.dds). Ryu Doppler - for fixing the Enclave Officer's Uniform glove clipping into the Pip-Boy if the Pip-Boy glove was unequiped and fixing Elder Lyon's Robe (Armor Enclave Officerglovel.nif, Armor Enclave Officergloveml.nif, Armor Elder Lyonsgo.nif, Armor Elder Lyonsoutfitm.nif, Armor Elder Lyonsoutfitf.nif, apperal_Elder_Lyons_Robe.dds).throttlekitty - for the Head Fixes (Head Child.nif, Head Child Female.nif, Head Female.nif, Head Human.nif, Head Old.nif, Head Old Female.nif, headchild.egm, Head Child.tri, Head Child Female.egm, Head Child Female.tri, Head Female.egm, Head Female.tri, Head Human.egm, Head Human.tri, Head Old.egm, Head Old.tri, Head Old Female.egm, Head Old Female.tri). This patch overwrites the same texture & mesh files as some other mods.

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