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The original codes featured the digit of the year as the third and fifth letter of the code.

The quarter of the year in which the knife was produced was the first number.

Consult the guidebook to determine handle materials.

Both Puma's USA and German sites have pages where you can enter your knife's control number to find out the year and time of year it was made.After 1988, the Imperial tang stamps were discontinued and replaced by the Schrade name.Open the main blade of the pocket knife completely, and take note of the stamping marked at the base of the blade where it connects with the handle.Since 1964, Puma Knife Company has included a date stamp on both fixed-blade and folding knives.The coding system has changed throughout the years, but you can easily determine the year of your knife's manufacture through the company website or by knowing how to decipher the code. The number will be from two to five digits long and might be followed by the letters RC.

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