Antique pitcher classification dating

“Marriage is all about give and take, and I wanted to give her something special,’’ said Brown.

Unlike other competitors, the Pfaltzgraff family had a keen grasp of what the Industrial Revolution was doing to America – moving a once totally agrarian society to a manufacturing-driven economy.This cobalt-decorated stoneware jug, decorated with tulips and marked “H B Pfaltzgraff York PA 2” on the shoulder, stands 13 1/2 inches high.A 1-inch darkened chip to handle wasn’t enough to dissuade a bidder from paying 0 at a November 2007 Cordier Auctions sale.And Jennie Cornelius of Slippery Rock, Pa., is scrambling through her attic to reclaim her Pfaltzgraff Christmas dishes for a long-awaited family reunion.“I think people are really avid collectors because the Pfaltzgraff brand has long been associated with high-quality ceramic products available for the home,’’ said Cornelius.

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