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Who better than Emily Ley — creator of the best-selling Simplified Planner — to help you transform the craziness into a game plan that works for your lifestyle?

Her book, illustrates multiple organization methods and strategies for clearing out the literal clutter and streamlining the obligations, so you're truly getting to have (and enjoy! More: 12 Planners to Make 2018 Your Most Organized Year Yet BUY NOWWhat do you do when you get to the apex of your career, and instead of living your best life, you feel unsatisfied and stuck, or perhaps even depressed?

BUY NOWSheryl Sandberg's highly motivating book (born from an incredible TED talk she gave in 2010) is a call for women everywhere to start advocating more strongly for themselves in the workplace.BUY NOWHumans are complicated, self-sabotaging, and highly contradictory creatures, and Heather Havrilesky is an advice columnist who actually acknowledges and embraces that.This collection of letters (some new, some republished) from her "Ask Polly" column from range from grieving daughters to aimless college graduates to husbands on the verge of cheating, and in each one she lays down comforting, caustic, and occasionally rambling words of wisdom.From case studies of how companies successfully rebrand themselves to insights from neuroscientists into how habits actually form in the brain, this book demonstrates that trying to make a lasting, positive change might be more doable than we think.BUY NOWMarie Kondo's best-selling text on tidying up your entire home addresses the emotional connection we have to the things that we own — and not just sentimental feelings, but those of guilt and sadness as well.

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