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Ironically, it’s the web 1.0 venues of message boards and IRC chats that are home to some of the most technically savvy internet users, and the sophisticated links to the camera feeds started appearing in sports message boards and hip hop forums.One Minecraft enthusiast distilled the general reaction of the young men who were combing through the video feeds into three words: "must find boobys." Katie Notopoulos is the author of blogs Sorry I Missed Your Party, Dumb Tweets @ Brands, and Marina Abramović Made Me Cry.She lives in New York City and works in e-commerce.

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It is hard to say how it ended up on 4chan, it is not a site I frequent." The Pastebin link list appeared on Reddit’s security forum within a day, and on 4chan’s /b/ board sometime that week. Each camera feed may have been viewed by hundreds or thousands of people.

The author of the Console Cowboys post, Someluser, was surprised it even worked: Other available cameras were found by searching, a semi-shady site that catalogs open devices.

Some of the more interesting camera feeds included a laundromat in Los Angeles, a bar and grill in Virginia, living rooms in Korea and Hong Kong, offices in Moscow, a Newark man watching the football game in a Giants jersey, and the inside of a turtle cage.

Links to the compromised feeds spread quickly on message boards like Reddit and 4chan, where the adolescent quest for the surreptitiously-viewed nipple kicked into high gear.

Of course, nudity was found: a woman taking off her pajamas in her bedroom, a young mother standing next to a baby crib at night.

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