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​Juha Jarvinen, an unemployed young father in a village near Jurva, western Finland, was picked at random to receive the payment, starting in January this year.

He told the that, unlike when he was receiving standard unemployment payments, he is now actively seeking work.

Recipients do not have to demonstrate that they are seeking employment and they are not required to regularly report to authorities to prove they still need the payment, as is the case with standard unemployment benefits. Under the pilot, if a participant finds work, they will continue to receive the stipend, removing one of the limitations of current welfare systems - the disincentive to find work.

The trial is one measure introduced by the centre-right government to tackle Finland's unemployment problem.

For example, the ice sheet margin in the high-precipitation coastal setting of the western sector responded sensitively to climatic variations leaving a detailed record of prominent moraines and other ice-marginal deposits in many fjords and coastal valleys.

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However, the synthesis of a large amount of existing and new data support refined reconstructions in some areas.In February, Finland’s biggest union said the experiment was unaffordable and would encourage some people to work less while driving up wages in undesirable professions.“We think it takes social policy in the wrong direction,” Ilkka Kaukoranta, chief economist of the Central Organisation of Finnish Trade Unions (SAK), told Bloomberg.He had previously been offered a few part-time positions but taking them would make no sense, since it would jeopardise his welfare payments.“It is crazy, so no one will take a bit of work,” he said.

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