Dead sea scrolls dating method

This style of writing is primarily known from the Dead Sea scrolls and various inscriptions that occur on ossuaries and coffins. 20 -- A Danish archaeochemist and an international team of researchers have found a way to enable scientists to precisely date the Dead Sea Scrolls, according to reports reaching here from Copenhagen on Wednesday."For more than a decade we've been saying that there was no point in dating the scrolls before we found a method to remove the oil.Now we have found just such a method," Kaare Lund Rasmussen, Associate Professor and Archaeochemist of the University of Southern Denmark, was quoted as saying by the Danish newspaper Politiken online.The development of this page will be gradual and contributions are invited.There are many, many interesting applications of radiocarbon dating in a variety of different fields.

So if one does these three steps: prepare a valid sample well, run the test correctly, and read the right calibration, the date should be good.

Many Middle Eastern artifacts, preserved under ideal conditions, were consistently giving dates wrong by 20%. Let's look critically at assumption 2, that nothing else affects the ratio in a dead organism.

Now clams take in ocean carbonate, which contains almost no C, so that it is no surprise today that a clam shell date appears ridiculously old.

So while many date to dance, you might say scientists do the "three-step" to date.

(On the other hand, if you don't like puns, you might not.) So if you believe your assumptions, use good methods, what could go wrong?

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