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“Not only were Jewish students told that they did not have the right to define their own oppression, but they also heard that Zionists are not welcome in their Students’ Union,” he said.

SOAS is no stranger to the Israeli-Palestinian debate.

SOAS SU has made headlines already this week for its efforts to address racial inequality on campus.

In its newly published 'Degrees of Racism' report, the union asked that “all academics must be prepared to acknowledge… Speaking to the Evening Standard, Avrahum Sanger, president of SOAS’s Jewish Society said members of the Jewish community were not able to express themselves at the university for fear of anti-Semitic hate.

In a statement, they said: “A comment was made by one individual student which was not part of the motion itself and did not play a role in shaping the outcome of the motion…

No organisation was banned from speaking on campus.

“The classic definition of dealing with racism and anti-Semitism is those who stand by and do nothing,” he added.

His comments come after universities minister Jo Johnson urged academic institutions to “act swiftly” to investigate claims of anti-Semitism and other hate crimes on campus.

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Regarding Tuesday's debate, a spokesperson from the union said remarks about Zionism had been made as part of a separate motion about external organisations that was debated for some time, with a number of students arguing each side.

"We regret that any students at the students union general meeting found any views being expressed offensive.

Freedom of speech does not mean the expression of views which are anti-semitic or which are otherwise illegal or incite racial hatred.

It also included a commitment to account for Jewish holidays when scheduling events.

As part of the debate of the motion, however, members voted to remove a line stating “Jewish students should be given the right to self-determination and be able to define what constitutes hatred against their group like all other minority groups”.

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