Elucidating nuclear reprogramming mechanisms

I have a general interest in elucidating the molecular mechanisms controlling cell fate maintenance and reprogramming.

S., Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL, 1988, Science Education - Information Technologies B. S., Florida State University, Tallahasse, FL, 1981, Biology Dr. Eilertsen's research interests and laboratory activities: During animal development, an epigenetic memory is established in the nucleus of cells that promote tissue-specific gene expression patterns that dictate cell function. Temporal epigenetic modifications differentially regulate ES cell-like colony formation and maturation. Sutton GM, Ptitsyn AA, Floyd ZE, Yu G, Wu X, Hamel K, Shah FS, Centanni A, Eilertsen K, Kheterpal I, Newman S, Leonardi C, Freitas MA, Bunnell BA, Gimble JM. Biological Aging alters circadian mechanisms in murine adipose tissue depots. The main interest of the Poulin lab is to understand how signalling events occurring in the extracellular space can produce a response inside the cell to impact on the chromatin structure.This can release the transcriptional machinery for activation or prevent its engagement for repression....

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