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Prices depend on availability but for an idea you can visit will check all the major dealers for you.

Speed cameras are mostly used on the motorways and larger roads but heavy fines, up to EUR 660, discourage speeding everywhere.

You will have to pay road tax, either quarterly or annually (it’s your choice), and petrol is expensive.

Parking is costly too, though you can buy a parking permit () for your municipality. For up to date tariffs for Amsterdam (as of 1 January 2009), visit this link.

The shallow man has been in the wilderness, climbed mount not so bloody obvious, and has returned with tablets, not written in stone, but on rock hard, typical Dutch white bread on which are written the secrets of how to date the Dutch. This essential guide will provide information on the following subjects.

All you need to know about the Dutch online dating jungle. Are workouts of the tongue guaranteed when hooking up with a Tinder date?

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