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Meanwhile, Angie's father, Vic (recurring guest star EMILIANO DIEZ), continues to live in the Lopez home--and to irritate George.

Season 3, Episode 6 CCTV-PGHD When Jack (recurring guest star JACK BLESSING) and Mel (recurring guest star MARK TYMCHYSHYN) Powers, the brothers who own the factory where George works, acquire a lucrative new defense contract, everyone celebrates.

Manny explains that this is the only way he could get George to listen to him apologize for abandoning the family when George was a youngster.

Manny gets George released, but George is still reluctant to forgive him for the past.

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Later, at work, he is arrested--but not for stealing the speech.Upon finding his grown-up sister, Linda Lorenzo (LISA GUERRERO - "NFL Monday Night Football," "The Best Damn Sports Show Period"), however, George gets another surprise.Meanwhile, Angie hopes that her parents will reconcile.And Benny shocks everyone by setting out in pursuit of a hot romance of her own with a younger guy from work!Season 3, Episode 1 CCTV-PGHD "George is proud when President George W.

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