Line dating scams russia

We work in over 100 countries, and Russia and Ukraine rank among the top highest risk countries in the world for dating scams. K., Ghana, Nigeria and South Africa.) In this region, we’re seeing internet- and tech-savvy internet criminals working with beautiful women (or their photos) to scam foreigners in the U. In Russia and Ukraine, online dating and matchmaking are popular industries.

(Other high-risk countries include Malaysia, Philippines, Romania, Colombia, U. There are lots of foreign men seeking relationships and possible marriage with women in Russia and the Ukraine, which means that many relationships start via the internet, usually via an online dating or social networking site, or local matchmaking site based out of one of these countries.

The worst cases are when the marriage has already taken place, and the client finds out that his bride is a fraud.

We have our own team of highly trained investigators in Kiev, Moscow and St. Nearly our entire team of field investigators are former law enforcement or military.

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People are lonely and want to believe in something. We’ve seen attorneys, doctors and yes, police officers fall victim to online dating scams.When needed, our team is accompanied by uniformed officers.All our investigators, in all 100 countries, are locals with former military and/or law enforcement training.With limited economic opportunity and the hope for a better life, many honest women use these services; but there are also a growing number of internet criminals who hope to cash in on easy profits—and many of them do.Scams can be very complex and aren’t always simple requests for money.

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