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Pit Powder makes both a men's and women's version that my kids (and I) love.

If your adolescent is allergic to corn (Pit Powder uses cornstarch), you can try other brands, check out a crystal deodorant stone, or even make your own. p=596 I am not going to cover dating and actual sex, since it's impossible to cover all possibilities.

Parents ask me all the time what puberty will be like.If you choose to teach your daughter to shave her legs, you can choose a traditional razor or an electric option.Since the calves are such a large area, an electric shaver may be a good bet.You can also start the independent trials with the cover still on the blade so he can learn the motions and procedures without the danger. When my son was 15, I bought an inexpensive electric razor ( on sale).We started by having him hold it (with the safety cover on), turn the motor on, and feel and cope with the vibrations and noise.

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