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Overall, through the impact of cerebral dysfunction and traumatic development, the sexual urges and desires for children can become ingrained within a person’s nervous system.Role of the Brain There is significant evidence that indicate structural abnormalities in the brains of pedophiles (Schiffer, 2008).Also, there is a higher correlation between sexual abuses as a child with females compared to males. The etiology of pedophilia can be attributed to both biological and environmental factors.Case studies indicate that cerebral dysfunction may be a contributing or dominant factor of pedophilia (Scott, 1984), including problems with self-control, extreme urges, and cognitive distortions.

Although this is a rare phenomenon, females who meet the DSM-IV criteria for pedophiles display similar cognitive distortions to that of males, such as irrational thoughts.Abnormalities occur when the brain is developing and can be on-set through certain experiences, such as sexual abuse as a child.Abnormalities in the brains of pedophiles may result in compulsion, poor judgment, and repetitive thoughts.This desire prolongs even when they are not in the presence of children.Non-exclusive pedophiles are attracted to both adults and children.

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