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All six of the visionaries have seen the sign in a vision and describe it as indescribably beautiful.

What has been called the “Lasting Sign” is actually the third out of ten secrets Our Lady gave to the visionaries. The “Lasting Sign” will be permanent, visible, and indestructible, and will remain until the end of time.What a grace to have responded to Our Lady’s call to go to Medjugorje the sign appears.Imagine being alive when the sign appears, and suddenly being hit by the realization that Our Lady had been appearing all these years but you were too busy or preoccupied to go there.A blue cross was erected to mark the spot of the apparitions, which led to the naming of the site, “Blue Cross.” Ivan and his prayer group have sometimes been meeting at the Blue Cross since the war in the early 1990s and other times on the original apparition spot, higher above.The apparitions, during these meetings, drew thousands of pilgrims.

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