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Her previous works usually centered on love, Christian theology, and artistic creation, not on politics or policies as her accusers stated.Her new works that were written in prison, which were written with a matchstick on soap until memorized and then washed away, number some 250.She was survived by her husband, human rights activist Igor Gerashchenko, and their two sons.

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Ratushinskaya was a member of International PEN, who monitored her situation during her incarceration.for example: the children in somalia what is being done (and what isn’t) to what was already the poorest nation in the world by OUR government in the name of democracy and of course the most disgusting large scale story of the year so far…as if there can be any justification to this recent human tragedy?when the family returned to Russia to educate their then seven year old twins in Russian schools after Irina and her husband went through a year of procedures including writing to President Boris Yeltsin to have their Russian citizenship restored.Ratushinskaya died in Moscow on July 5, 2017, from cancer.

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