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On the majority of plate rims the geometric decoration is of hastily drawn spirals and guilloches.The centres may have circles within squares, enclosing compass-drawn petals, or within a series of swags embellished with lines. The floral designs include elaborate and intricate stylised floral and vine motifs, tulips, sunflowers, leaves, tendrils, hearts and 4-petalled flowers (, 43).A large number of runners was expected but not quiet as many as the 710 finishers - making this the largest Parkrun turnout to date in Devon.

Trade was particularly heavy just after the Restoration and was tied to the influential 17th-century west of England commerce with America, in particular with New England, Maryland and Virginia (Watkins 1960, 53).

As a result of increased trade with Europe, new techniques of potting were introduced.

A plain glazed pottery was being made in north Devon by 1600 and continued to be made throughout the 17th century.

“Jo Pavey completed the run with her son Jacob, one of many parents running with their children.“With such a large turnout, including many first timers, the smooth running of the event was a remarkable success.”Exmouth Parkrun is every Saturday, at 9am, from the Esplanade.

In north Devon, pottery was made in the medieval period to supply local needs.

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