Norton antivirus 11 mac updating error

It just take ages to download the file from http and I get the following error using liveupdate : Live Update session did not complete successfully.Looking inside logs I've found the following : Nov 7, 2010 PM Checking authenticity of package /private/tmp/liveupdate/1289136112712/1288948642jtun_enncurd2Nov 7, 2010 PM Package /private/tmp/liveupdate/1289136112712/1288948642jtun_enncurd2has not authenticated properly.If found, Norton antivirus sends you a notification that “a threat has been detected, fix it now”.Take an immediate action and get it fixed before the virus harms your computer system.

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Similarly, it automatically scans your data and files for viruses.

Norton antivirus for Mac doesn’t affect the performance of your device.

Norton antivirus also features vulnerability protection, daily protection updates, email and instant messaging monitoring, anti-phishing technology, location awareness, confidential file guard, Mac application controls and more.

Like the Windows, Norton offers a variety of security solutions for Mac users.

These solutions offer complete protection for your i Photo pictures, i Tunes media, i Movie projects and other important data from malware, spyware and other virus attacks.

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