Online dating jungle

Guys get big points when they want to get to know me. It’s not attractive and it sure didn’t make me wanna get closer to you.”Conversely, when he likes me first, then we exchange a message or two, he asks for my number and calls when he says he will—he gets big points with me.

Sometimes breaking our own mold can lead to fun adventures. Do a pre-interview and check in with your girlfriend afterwards. The object is for you to enjoy the experiences of communication with men, or to enjoy the experience of being with a guy on a date.

Make sure she is the type to lay a little truth on you about how cute your photos are (or not! Meet weekly to go through the men who show up in your inbox, or shop together for the ones that look like fun.(Side note: I know this kind of sisterhood isn’t always easy. We women are generally so people please-y that we will often give “B guys” a chance, in the hopes they improve to an A, one day. It is super important for women to learn how to be discerning.

We’re taught as women to bond through our complaining, and take each other down—or just stay on the surface and be “nice.” A huge part of this work, and Mastery, is about understanding the technology of sisterhood. We want guys that are emotionally healthy, physically healthy, kind, sexy, interested in us, living their purpose or are happily successful in their career of choice.

I started writing to cure what ailed me after finally getting out of an emotionally and sometimes physically abusive relationship. Now it’s just me, my dogs, my amazing friends and the random guys I’ve met since I started dating again.

It’s not your average blog because I’m not your average woman. If you wanna laugh, you’ve come to the right place.

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