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We didn't really find out much of what went on behind the scenes. ' I think two of us said, 'Oh no, can you make our noses a bit smaller?

There's different perceptions about how that came across."At the end of the day, I decided not to talk about it and that was my decision.It was difficult, it was difficult to watch the way the story unfolded on screen and it was difficult to get the feedback from certain people and the public and everything else.It was difficult to have that attention on something that's so sensitive."Why do you think '90s pop is still loved by so many people? I think it was a great era for pop music and the music was about having fun.It can be difficult mentally after a certain amount of time.Add that to the fact we were very young and more often than not, when you get into a pop group like that you are very young, and that can cause problems.

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