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Learning his allies in Britain have renewed strength, Artorius returns to his homeland accompanied by his ...

The author has put into this book, 'Men with Torrent Women,' a variety of touching and exalting moments of interesting sentiment: and a flood of skittish women.

Overall, this is one of the most thought-provoking books that I have read on our modern business-created society ...

All it takes is one dramatic winning shot to transform Eddie Holder, a high school basketball player, from a humble and considerate student into a selfish and egotistical monster.

And with Marla previously playing the sharp-tongued maid, Florence, on Hal Williams Mary’s boo, Lester, was the do-right (and stay out of gossip) brotha in the picture, as well as a successful construction company owner.

was MAD entertaining because it was both positive and real.

Rosa Peñaloza The first novelette, To Save a Lopsided Sparrow, is the sequel to: ...

Does this sound familiar: A woman in relationship with a man finds herself complaining that he can't just listen and try to understand her feelings and experience?

She appeared on characters was Regina King’s Brenda Jenkins.

She was the adorable and studious daughter of Mary and Lester, and the girlfriend of fellow 227 resident, Calvin Hobbs.

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