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Not only do we disclose gem treatments on the same page as the listed gem, but it's listed directly under the gem "and" it has an additional link to a full explanation of the particular treatment method (if any).Awesome also offers accurate descriptions of each gem or jewelry piece listed.The list includes Alexandrite, Amethyst, Andalusite, Apatite, Citrine, Diopside, Feldspar, Garnet (all colors), Iolite, Opal (Fire), Peridot, Quartz (all colors), Ruby, Sapphire (all colors), Spinel (all colors), Topaz (all colors except blue), Tourmaline (all colors except green & watermelon), and Zircon (all colors except colorless & blue).Awesome strongly supports and meets the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) requirements to disclose gem treatments and/or offer accurate descriptions, and we have been disclosing gem treatments and offering accurate gem descriptions for as long as we have been in business.if the tone/saturation numbers were listed as "6/5"...this would indicate the gem has "Medium-dark" tone and "Strong" saturation of color...

When gem testing was performed by our in-house gemologist we provide a report known as a 'statement of sale and evaluation for insurance' and it will be available to review online.

The letters are abbreviations of the Color and Hues visible...

the first number is the Tone or lightness/darkness of a particular gemstone...

Saturation has a moderate to strong effect on appearance.

Additional colors, like a window as noted above, are graded only if they are moderate to strong.

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