Rules dating first kiss

When a bachelor whom I was coaching (I'm a professional matchmaker) asked me about how and when to kiss a woman for the first time, I suggested he do it the same way my date did.Don't wait until the end of the date for lip contact; go for it mid-date.The next week, I got a full progress report from my client: success. Was perfecting my key-fiddle move at the end of the night even necessary?Was the 90-percent male lean, 10-percent female lean a farce?I was a little taken aback, but pleasantly surprised.It was one of the best first kisses that I have ever experienced.One thing that men need to understand is, the actual physical appearance of a man matters only to a certain extent.

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I couldn't help but wonder if I had stumbled upon the secret for the perfect first date kiss: Kiss DURING the date, NOT at the end of the date.My epiphany guided me as I coached a few other bachelors who were having issues building attraction with their dates.Each bachelor who employed my first kiss rule ended up victorious.Avoid groping her at all costs, but it is important to break that physical barrier during the date.That way, the first kiss won't seem like it came out of left field. Frequently, a first date can seem like a job interview, so it's vital that you utilize some of these techniques to make it more fun and romantic.

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