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The actor, who has rekindled his relationship with Sienna Miller, looked harassed as he arrived at the city's airport the previous day.Baby Sophia was born last September in Florida - Law was not present at the birth.A source told The Sun: 'Jude was very on edge about the meeting.The pregnancy wasn't planned but he wants to do the right thing.Miss Burke, 24, started a web-site giving regular pregnancy updates months before the baby arrived.In an interview last October she said he had yet to meet his daughter.Next, we meet sharply-figured hotel "event coordinator" Meredith Monroe (as Rachel Malemen). Monroe finally hooks up with "The Husband She Met Online" as predicted in the title.He turns out to be wealthy and charming, but very sneaky Jason Gray-Stanford (as Craig Miller).

He may be balding, but he has gained a new pelt of gravitas.’Given the strife that his last baby outside of a relationship brought him, it is perhaps no surprise that Jude’s lawyers are said to have initially helped quash the story, before deciding the truth would out eventually. Born in Enfield, North London, she spent her teenage years in rural Ireland after moving with her parents to a small village in Tipperary called Ardcroney when she was ten years old.

The 37-year-old actor sat down with Miss Burke, and his lawyer in Florida to draw up plans on how he should support baby Sophia.

It is the first time they have come face-to-face following revelations that the 24-year-old Miss Burke was carrying his love child, now five months old, last summer.

They split up four years ago after Law admitted he had cheated on her with his nanny.

As he approaches the milestone of middle age, actor Jude Law has allowed himself a little repentant reflection of late — befitting a mature man with four children and more than one high-profile affair behind him.

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