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Armed bandits are known to operate in the area and travellers have been attacked.

The possibility of armed clashes between separatist groups and the Senegalese Army persists.

A valid Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate is required for entry into Senegal.

Failure to present a certificate can result in detention in a quarantine facility and/or mandatory vaccination at the point of arrival, at the expense of the traveller.

Reports of violent crime, such as robberies and muggings at knifepoint, have increased, particularly after dark along the Corniche d’Ouest. Be alert about your personal safety and avoid walking in isolated areas or along dark streets at night.

Commercial and internet fraud: Commercial and internet fraud is prevalent and often originates in West African countries.

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The security situation in the Casamance region is unpredictable.Visa and other entry and exit conditions (such as currency, customs and quarantine regulations) can change at short notice.Contact the nearest Embassy or Consulate of Senegal for the most up to date information.Take particular care in remote areas of Senegal near the border areas with Mauritania and Mali, and to the east of the city of Podor as far as Kidira.In the event of an attack, leave the affected area immediately if it is safe to do so, and follow the instructions of local authorities. Embassy personnel were not permitted to stay at seaside hotels in Dakar until the first week of December 2017.

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