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It’s typical for your score to fluctuate by a few points, based on spending and payment at any given time, information in your credit report (which is constantly being updated), even the passage of time. Posted: 12/15/2017 by Sid Kirchheimer | 0 Notice all those recent TV commercials touting a “December to Remember,” “Employee Pricing,” “Year-End Sales Event” and other proclaimed deals on a new set of wheels?That’s because it’s crunch time for dealerships to meet annual sales goals, just as winter weather and (other) holiday shopping can keep consumers off their lots.And that holds especially true for these three longtime (and historically prosperous) ploys that have resurfaced with a vengeance: Jury Duty Scam Going strong for more than a decade, this telephone scheme has scammers posing as court employees or members of law enforcement ranging from local police to U. Posted: 12/01/2017 by Sid Kirchheimer | 0 Simple steps can go a long way in protecting your privacy from prying eyes, including those belonging to on-the-lookout scammers.Here are some of the easiest and (usually) free safeguards to reduce your risk of scams, hacking and other dastardly deeds.A recent survey by The Economist/You Gov found that approximately 25 percent of millennial-age American men think asking someone for a drink is harassment.More than a third of millennial men and women say that if a man compliments a woman’s looks it is harassment. But he had no actual power over the woman — professionally or otherwise.

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You had to have noticed I was uncomfortable.” He replied with an apology. Put in other words: I am angry that you weren’t able to read my mind. Encoded in it are new yet deeply retrograde ideas about what constitutes consent — and what constitutes sexual violence.

If they were, we’re back to the 19th century, and women should not own property, have credit cards, have access to higher education, control their own reproduction or vote.

There are powerful groups in North America pushing this agenda, but they are not usually considered feminists.”Except, increasingly, they are.

If you don’t like the way your date hustles through paying the check, you can say, “I’ve had a lovely evening and I’m going home now.”If you go home with him and discover he’s a terrible kisser, say, “I’m out.”If you start to hook up and don’t like the way he smells or the way he talks (or doesn’t talk), end it.

If he pressures you to do something you don’t want to do, use a four-letter word, stand up on your two legs and walk out his door.

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