Sqldataadapter not updating Bisexual phone chats

This wouldn't be a problem if you were only updating 1 table but when you have child tables that need the same value you will run into issues.

Here is where you add the event handler Parent Adapter.

You can use a Transact-SQL SELECT statement to select UDT column values to populate a dataset using a data adapter.

The following example assumes that you have a Points table defined with the following structure and some sample data.

The following Transact-SQL statements create the Points table and insert a few rows. Points (id int PRIMARY Key, p Point); INSERT INTO dbo.

Points VALUES (1, CONVERT(Point, '1,3')); INSERT INTO dbo.

After that I called the Data Adapter's Update method to save the changes to the database table. The Find method returns the row with Customer Id = Tst ID.After that I assign values of the row and call the Data Adapter's Update method. Updating data using the Data Adapter's Update method sender, System. Listing 5-50 deletes the row with the value Tst ID.The reason for this is depending on how you you merge Data Sets or add rows to a Data Set the Identity column will have a place holder. Those are not replicated down to the Data Sets so we have to do this manually. Add(Parent Constraints); Pay attention to the Update Rule setting for the Foreign Key constraint. Foreign Key Constraint Parent FK = new Foreign Key Constraint("IDFK", My Data Set. This is not very efficient if you have multiple tables that need to be updated. This is very easy using the Merge method in your Destination Data Set, New Data being the Data Set I want to merge into my existing data. Add); Our Data Sets are now merged and ready to be Updated in the new location. The only thing to remember is that the Identity column is marked as Read Only, therefore you can't update it without first changing it. This place holder will not necessarily be the same value as what the database will contain. The Unique constraint Unique Constraint Parent Constraints = new Unique Constraint(new Data Column[] ); My Data Set. In that case wrap the below foreach loop in another foreach loop to iterate through each table.foreach (Data Row row in New Data. You have to set preserve Changes to true or the Merge will throw out all your changes and nothing will make it into the new database. Sql Command Builder Parent Command Builder = new Sql Command Builder(Parent Adapter); Sql Command Builder Child Command Builder = new Sql Command Builder(Child Adapter); My Data Set.

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