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The basement TTG (tonalite–trondhjemite–granodiorite) gneisses formed at ca.2.5 Ga coinciding with the major period of crustal accretion in the NCC.The temporal and spatial chemical variations of Cenozoic basalts in the TNCO suggest that the recycled oceanic crust in the mantle of the TNCO is mainly related to the southward subduction of the Paleo-Asian oceanic plate and the northward subduction of the Tethyan ocean plate.The westward subduction of Pacific slab may not have contributed much than previously thought.Patrisse Khan-Cullors said we should have a “courageous conversation” about why the Parkland students are being heard after facing gun violence, but black youth who've also spoken out about guns are ignored.; singular Vanr) are a group of gods associated with fertility, wisdom, nature, magic, and the ability to see the future.

The estimated average melting pressure of the TNCO tholeiitic basalts (~ 3 GPa) agrees well with the present lithosphere thickness beneath the north region of the TNCO (~ 90–120 km).

Porphyritic feldspar crystals show numerous mineral inclusions as well as rapakivi and anti-rapakivi textures.

We present bulk chemistry, zircon U–Pb geochronology and REE data, and Lu–Hf isotopes on the granitoids, diorite enclaves, and surrounding basement rocks to constrain the timing of intraplate magmatism and processes of interaction between felsic and mafic magmas.

Other times, these options simply alter the way a conversation unfolds, but there isn’t a tangible, numbers-based outcome.

Ultimately, your goal is to pursue one — or several, if you’re feeling frisky — romances with another character.

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