Updating xm

You can flash it with the Taranis, but instead of connecting the “Antenna” Pin on the Taranis to Smart Port on the RX, you can connect it to the “SBUS” pin on the XM or XM receivers. To start out on this method you are going to need a USB-Serial adapter (aka FTDI adapter), which can make your target device talk to your computer.

If you don’t have one, check if you computer has a DB9 serial port which also works (explained at the end of the article) First of all, download the desired firmware from and make sure you get the correct firmware for the receiver you are flashing. This will force the receiver into bootloader mode when it powers up. I like to use an ESC or BEC coming off from a lipo.

If you get a pop up window saying “installing device drivers”, it is probably your first time connecting your Taranis to the computer under bootloader mode.

However, the ways we flash firmware on the D Series and X series RX are different due to the receiver hardware.

(The telemetry port on the D series is not a bi-directional serial port) Fortunately, the D Series RX do have a normal serial port (TX and RX), so you can wire it directly to an USB FTDI adapter.

The two types of firmware are: Note that your transmitter’s internal RF module firmware is not the same as your Taranis firmware.

The RF module is an internal device that sits inside of your Taranis.

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