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"The information could provide numerous intelligence agencies with possible information about new 'sources' and or the opportunity to penetrate the 'European IS-network,'" Olivier added.

On Monday, Munich-based newspaper "Süddeutsche Zeitung" reported that Germany's Federal Criminal Police Agency (BKA) acquired thousands of files that detailed personal information on foreign fighters who joined the "Islamic State" militant group, including those from Germany.

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"Even if it is outdated, and the fact the information might not lead to 'actionable intelligence' in their target-centric intelligence approach, the files might be used to work on a few intelligence gaps in order to strengthen the operational intelligence picture in, for instance, Iraq and Syria, or domestically for counterterrorism and 'counter-recruitment operations,'" Olivier said.

Intelligence consultancy Lowlands Solutions' CEO Tomas Olivier on Friday told DW that even if caches of "Islamic State" files do not lead to "actionable intelligence," they could fill in "intelligence gaps" regarding the militant group amid a wider conversation on the documents' validity.

The interior minister claimed that a trove of confidential "Islamic State" files will aid authorities in understanding the group.

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