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Every month, Web Kit, Firefox and Opera are shipping incredible features; IE10 is also going to settle up and even out those HTML5 Test scores (plus some features they may debut, like Grid Layout! But while these features are becoming available in some browsers, most of us can’t use them because we have a sizable audience who have been left behind on old browsers.A while ago I made a big fuss about IE’s lack of solid upgrade path and how it meant we’d end up with 10 major versions of IE in the wild.Healthcare policy is evolving fast, and you want to stay up-to-date.HIMSS’ Health IT Policy Update is packed with the latest news on Congressional, federal, and state health IT legislative and regulatory activities from HIMSS' Government Relations office.By knowing what to expect and by eliminating 'lock in' you can reduce costs and uncertainty.For more information on the life cycles and support policies of specific Red Hat products, follow the links below.

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We’ll be applying our updated policy to new feature work going forward.We’ll be evaluating existing features on a case-by-case basis.We expect to significantly reduce the number of prefixed properties supported over time but Web compatibility will require us to keep around prefixed versions of some features.They often used every prefixed variant of a feature, which makes CSS less maintainable and Java Script programs trickier to write.Sites frequently used just the prefixed version of a feature, which made it hard for browsers to drop support for the prefixed variant when adding support for the unprefixed, standard version.

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